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Analysis for Development Group (AFD Group) is a network of international, independent and multidisciplinary professionals working on cultural, social, economic and environmental issues and opportunities that emerge due to extractive activities of non-renewable natural resources.


This professional network was formed during 2015 on the backdrop of the shared vision of its participants with the aim of strengthening their professional work to effectively transform impacts, externalities and contributions of non-renewable natural resources exploitation into real opportunities for development and social progress of host societies.


At AFD Group, we are committed to actively seeking synergies and collaborative activities through three core strategic objectives:


  • Support communities, governments and companies to carry out diagnostics, assessments and strategic plans about how to better connect resource industry to sustainable development goals.


  • Support research, consulting and other work activities of each participant of Analysis for Development Group.


  • Create an open source of information about our activities, opinions and visions in order to provide a fair view about context-specific interaction between extractive activities and development outcomes.


AFD Group is a network of passionate professionals with a long track record of senior advisory, applied research and project management in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, Latin America and Africa.


We work in collaboration with communities, civil society groups, mining councils and associations; international organizations; universities and research centres; other consulting groups; NGOs; governments at national and local level; and multinational companies and their stakeholders in general.


We work for a better world where people and communities are placed at the centre of development and economic thinking. This is above and beyond the specific needs of our clients.


Cristian Parra


Director & Co-Founder AFD Group




email    :

mobile :  +61 4 5250 5002

skype   :   cparra.afdg

Twitter : @cparra2020


Analysis of the potential contributions

of Colluli Potash Project to SDGs in Eritrea

AFD Group Workshop SDGs & Extractive Industry


AFD Group has developed a workshop to understand the main aspects and issues related to SDGs & extractive industries, their interaction with host societies and how to work to build a shared vision and transform extractive industry oportunities into development and social progress.

More information: Cristian Parra 

During the last 25 years interesting initiatives related to Extractive Industry & Development have been implemented globally. We can say that there is a massive ‘work in progress’ that should conduct us to a better future in terms of the overall effort to transform the extractive industry opportunities into development and social progress.


Different groups, organizations and institutions from all around the world have been working to: improve the social performance; generate standards; recommend and work for implementing best practices; generate a most comprehensive shared vision about the resource sectors; improve the governance and transparency of the natural resources; and advance in terms of a better understanding of impacts, effects and potential contributions.

These initiatives have considered the participation of governments, universities, research centres, mining councils, development organizations, international agencies, civil society groups, NGOs from all around the world. At AFD Group we strongly recommend review the work and contents of the following international institutions and organizations.

(We do not adhere to all the opinions and values of these organizations and only recognize their important contribution)

International Council of Mining and Metals

Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative

Natural Resources Governance Institute

World Bank - Extractive Industry

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